MODERN Logitics and Industrial park


Offers storage facilities for rent but also selling of land for private construction.
The Logistics and Industrial Park is situated in the north-south European corridor (Poland- Greece)

Great location:
  • on D1 motorway exit Nová Polhor
  • 30 minutes from Košice Airport
  • 20 minutes from city centre of Košice and Prešov
  • with more than 500 000 inhabitants
  • also accessible by public transport
Great potential
  • 166.000 m2 of storage facilities
  • selling of land for construction to the end user

About the concept

Logistics and Industrial Park is between the municipality and the motorway, it consists of building complexes suitable for diverse areas of logistics, safe manufacturing, but also trade and services. All building complexes are planned along the collector road that goes through the whole Park. The Park has a great connectivity through a roundabout to the motorway feeder from one side and to the road 3325 from the other side.


Gas in the municipality is supplied from the Ploské regulator station. The lawful building permit was issued for the construction of the medium-pressure gas line from Bretejovce. The construction will begin in spring 2020. The collector road in the middle of the Park makes individual sectors easily accessible. The area is very well connected to the technical infrastructure – electricity, drinking water, sewage, gas and the Internet. In addition to access and service roads, parking lots, green areas and facilities for employees and visitors (services, catering, temporary accommodation, etc.) will be built in the individual sectors.

Zoning Plan

Nová Polhora's zoning plan was approved upon the resolution of municipal Council of Nová Polhora No. 48/2010 on 09.09.2010. The binding part is in the regulation no. 1/2010. The first construction phase of S1 is finished; beginning of the second phase starts in spring 2020. The zoning decision documentation of the construction S1, comprise basic transport and technical frame to ensure the functionality of the subsequent structures S2 to S7, which are the subject of individual zoning procedures. All sectors were issued zoning decision documentation. In august 2020, there will be a change in the zoning decision document of sector S6 (change in the division of the sector into 7 separate lands instead of 2 lands)